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Q & A with The Student Team That Made the SpikeBanner Android App

Will Denne, Jared Parrish, and Tom Parry are class CSCI 370: Advanced Software Engineering students at the Colorado School of Mines. SUSOIX Media had a chance to interview Will Denne, “Client Liaison,” a few days prior to the on sight test.

SB-What attracted the team to partnering with SUSOIX’s SpikeBanner App?

WD-We all wanted to publish an Android application. SpikeBanner looked like an opportunity to do this while working with a real-world entrepreneur. 

SB-What were the real world challenges of making the app?

WD-We had to learn some new skills, especially with the website aspect. Another difficulty was with the SpikeBanner team being in NYC. We had to convey some things that would have been easier to say in person, but it all worked out in the end.

SB-For lay people that don’t speak coding can you explain your creation process ?

WD-We created a roadmap to help split the work evenly and get an idea of what we could do in the time allotted. Coding an application is quite similar to other design processes.

You split the app into manageable chunks and just work on one thing at a time. After all the chunks are done, you do start to put them together all the while testing everything to make sure nothing broke.

SB-Were there any crux moments during the creation of the operational app? What process did you use to get around them?

WD-We had a issue with getting locations causing a memory leak. This meant the app would crash every minute or so without saving the SpikeBoarder’s information. We were able to fix this by changing how the app was running on the device.

SB-You were a three student team. Could any one of you have done it alone? How much more time would have been needed?

WD-Yes, given enough time any one of us could have done this alone. But, it would have taken at least 4 or 5 times longer to complete. When we experienced a roadblock, we would tell our teammates and sometimes they would come up with a solution you’d never think of.

SB-How much time was dedicated to finalize the SpikeBanner App?

 WD-We spent a total of around 350 man hours working on the SpikeBanner website and applications. Most of this time was spent writing code, some of it was spent testing it out, and some of it was spent writing documentation about the code.

SB-The team has seen SpikeBoarding live. How does the team feel about having been the first ever engineering students to collaborate along side what will be the last great endurance racing sport?

WD-It was a great experience for us to work with the SpikeBoarding team. We’re excited to see more SpikeBoarders around the Mines campus in the future.